Thursday , 5 March 2015

Live Cricket Stream – Live Broadcasts

Live Cricket Streams and Live Broadcast Links:

How often are these links updated?

There links and broadcast streams for live cricket are updated very frequently. In fact we make sure that the links are active and we check our links every single day. The header on the main page displays when was the stream last updated. Please go to [HOME] to check the last update date.

I don’t live is South Asia!

Don’t you worry, if you don’t live in South Asia that’s not a problem at all. You can get access to the latest live cricket feeds from anywhere in the world. So whether you live in USA, Middle East, UK or any other of the EU countries you will get access to the latest links regardless of your location.  Our Service is World Wide :)

Am I breaching law by visiting these links?

No you are not breaching NO law by visiting these links. There links use the iFrame technology to get the stream from the original providers (WE DO NOT PRODUCE  THE STREAMS) which are 3rd party companies. They need to worry about law you don’t :)


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